Friday, April 20, 2018

Reasons for Dry Roof of the Mouth

The dryness in root of the mouth means big trouble for your mouth. This dryness can result in difficulty in chewing and swallowing. Apart from these annoying conditions, this very dryness makes the process of building up of plaque and tartar quite an efficient one. Hence, there is going to be a heightened risk of tooth decay and cavities. In this scenario, you can use remedies to stimulate saliva production. And then you have to stay in contact with your dentist to get proper treatment.

Effects of dry roof of mouth
Saliva production is quite essential when it comes to eating well and preventing most of the dental problems. In case you have dry roof of mouth, it clearly means that there is a deficiency in saliva production. As a result, the areas which can get dehydrated mainly include gums, teeth, tongue, and throat.

It can be pretty obvious for everyone that saliva improves taste of the food. However, saliva is meant to be much more than just being helpful in improving taste. Saliva is pretty helpful in digestion because it contains enzymes which make the food digestible.

Another function of saliva is to protect areas of mouth from bacteria and other germs. Hence, dry mouth, especially the dry roof of your mouth, is more susceptible to infections like yeast, cavities and inflammation. It can also affect the fitting of dentures.

Treating dry mouth’s roof at home
Meanwhile you consider treatment of dry mouth from your dentist, there are some ways you can treat this problem at home. It’s quite easy.
  • Chew sugar-free chewing gum
  • Consume water frequently
  • Use alcohol-free mouthwash
  • Suck sugar-free candy
Although you can also use supplements which would have vitamins and minerals but make sure the medical formula of those supplements wouldn’t give you mouth’s dryness. Vitamins which you can consider consuming may include riboflavin, thiamine, niacin and B6.  These vitamins strengthen the immune system and give oral health major boost.

Getting professional treatment
Apart from the remedies you use at home, you need to consider professional help in order to get rid of the mouth’s dryness. The reason is that home remedies are only going to give you temporary relief from this condition. You need to visit your dentist in order to get proper treatment. First thing to start with is to tell your dentist about the medications you currently take. Based on the analysis of these medications, your dentist would be able to tell you whether or not these medications result in mouth dryness. Then you may be asked by your dentist about the medical conditions you suffer from. Based on these studies, you can get treatment for dry mouth strategized.

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